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Millionaire reading awards

Students at Toccoa Elementary School read a lot of books this year. These students each read over one million words to become a Reading Millionaire. A celebration was held in their honor which included a catered lunch by Puerto Nuevo Mexican Restaurant and an ice cream sundae dessert. Each student also received a t-shirt to wear proudly proclaiming their accomplishment. Toccoa Elementary is proud of these students for their hard work and dedication to the love of reading. 

Back Row: Emma Whisnant (1,003,188 words), Jovi Kaup (1,515,183 words), Lizzie Lane (3,174,068 words), Katia Lopez (1,037,919 words), Abigail Irvin (3,369,385 words), Ne'Oni Merritt (1,248,656 words) 

Front Row: Cherokee Owens (1,000,785 words), Addie Adams (1,896,949 words), Issac Helgeland (1,656,922 words), Seth Cawthon (5,704,299 words), William Swiney (2,108,155 words) Not Pictured: Blake Crunkleton (5,757,713 words)



Young Georgia Author Winners

Students at Toccoa Elementary had the option to participate in the Young Georgia Authors contest. The contest consisted of writing an original narrative story while at school without any assistance. Stories were submitted, read, and judged by teachers and the media specialist.  Winners were chosen from each team within the school and treated to a lunch catered by Chick-Fil-A of Lavonia. We are proud  to announce our winners for the 2020-2021 school year. Team 3-1: 1st place- Sadie Jarrett, 2nd place- Isabel Allbright, 3rd place- Abigail Irvin, Team 3-2: 1st place- Bridgett Lacy, 2nd place- Aria Kirkland, 3rd place- Jaxun Elrod, Virtual Class: Cristine Hildago, Team 3-3: 1st place- Branson Duncan, 2nd place- Kynzie Durden, 3rd place- Aaliyah Bangs, Team 4-1: 1st place- Katia Lopez, 2nd place- Kendall Payne, Team 4-2: 1st place- Christopher Hannigan, 2nd place- Seth Cawthon, 3rd place- Addie Adams, Team 4-3: 1st place Nevaeh Gossett, 2nd place- Asianna Holder, 3rd place- Baylee Cheek

Bicycle Winners

Toccoa Elementary Students work to achieve reading goals each nine week period throughout the school year. Each student who met their goal this nine weeks was given a ticket for a chance to win a bicycle. Some students even earned more tickets by doubling or tripling their reading goals in Accelerated Reading. Congratulations to this year's winners of the bicycles, David Hicks and Alexis Ritenour.  Bicycles were donated by Sheriff Randy Shirley and the Stephens County Sheriff's Office. Thank you so much for supporting literacy in our schools and our community. 

Fairy tale festival

Poetry Cafe

Search Engines for Kids




KidsClick! - a web search engine for kids maintained by librarians. Use search words or use their subject tree of 600 high-quality sites.


Kiddle-Kiddle is a visual search engine for kids powered by Google, offering safe kids web, image, and video search. Results are vetted by editors.

ALA Subject Tree - over 700 kid-safe websites organized in a subject tree maintained by the American Library Association.



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